Mustread.fyi is the largest book recommendations platform from and for startup founders.
Hi, I'm Morgan Perry, a french entrepreneur and founder of Mustread.

Why created Mustread? As an entrepreneur, I found it incredibly hard to know what I should read next to make progress and overtake some challenges. I found myself overwhelmed by tons of books without ever knowing which one to choose.

So I started soliciting my network of close entrepreneurs for book recommendations. And I realized that it was the same thing for them. This asking came up over and over again in conversations.
That's how Mustread was born.

I ended up gathering all these book recommendations on a single platform to facilitate the discovery of "must-read books" that have influenced and shaped today's most talented entrepreneurs.

Long-term Mission: "Helping to better the lives of entrepreneurs through reading".
I'm still interested in meeting and chatting with other entrepreneurs to share and discover what influenced and inspired them.
So, I encourage you to reach me out via Linkedin or Twitter! I would be very happy to chat with all of you :)