Mustread.fyi features authentic book recommendations made by and for entrepreneurs.
Hi, I'm Morgan Perry, a french entrepreneur and creator of Mustread.

We had this idea because the question that comes up over and over again in conversations and interviews with entrepreneurs is, "What books would you recommend/have you been inspired by?".

So this website brings together the entrepreneurs' "Top Reading List" that has influenced & shaped their professional career, and beyond too !
Long-term Mission: "Help you make reading a priority to progress and excel".
Hope you'll enjoy ✌

P.S : Although the featured entrepreneurs are all French-speaking, this website use English because most of the recommendations are English-language books.
I'm still interested in meeting and chatting with other entrepreneurs to share and discover what influenced and inspired them.
So, I encourage you to reach me out via Linkedin or Twitter! I would be very happy to chat with all of you :)